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Groups Operations Manager

I held a multifaceted role that involved various responsibilities across business development, sales and marketing, strategic planning, and financial management. Throughout my tenure, I made significant contributions to the growth and success of the organisation by successfully spearheading various projects and initiatives.

  1. Business Development and Sales: I led the business development efforts, identifying new opportunities for expansion and growth. I played a pivotal role in establishing a franchise model for an electronic darts bar and club, enabling the brand to expand its presence in multiple locations. Additionally, I secured the master license for Huxta burger in Sydney, overseeing its launch and development, which contributed to the group's diversification in the food and beverage sector.

  2. Marketing and Brand Development: I actively participated in creating and launching a new clothing brand. This involved conducting thorough market analysis to understand consumer trends and preferences, identifying target audiences, and devising effective marketing strategies to position the brand competitively in the market. I ensured seamless implementation of branding initiatives, both online and offline, to maximise the brand's visibility and reach.

  3. Operational Management: One of my key responsibilities was to establish and manage operations from the ground up. This encompassed setting up systems and processes, designing standard operating procedures (SOPs), and coordinating with various teams to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. My attention to detail and strategic approach helped optimise operational efficiency, leading to enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness.

  4. Financial Management: I undertook the critical task of managing the financial aspects of multiple entities within the group. This involved budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis to ensure sound financial decision-making. I implemented measures to monitor expenses, control costs, and improve overall financial accountability, contributing to the group's sustained profitability and financial stability.

  5. Team Leadership and Collaboration: As a manager, I effectively led cross-functional teams, fostering a collaborative and high-performance work environment. I motivated and guided team members, enabling them to achieve their full potential and contribute to the organisation's success. I also facilitated effective communication and coordination among various departments, ensuring a seamless flow of information and resources.

  6. Compliance and Risk Management: In my role, I recognised the importance of regulatory compliance and risk management. I ensured that all operations and initiatives adhered to legal requirements and industry standards. Implementing risk assessment and mitigation strategies helped safeguard the group's interests and reputation.

Overall, my role as a Groups Operations Manager at Yesdac Group was dynamic and challenging, requiring a combination of strategic thinking, marketing acumen, financial expertise, and strong leadership. Through my contributions, the organisation experienced sustainable growth and remained competitive in a dynamic market landscape.


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