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F&B Supervisor

As an F&B Supervisor at Luna Park, I held a pivotal role in the successful operation of the food and beverage services within the renowned amusement park. During my tenure, I demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, which played a crucial role in ensuring seamless day-to-day operations and maintaining high standards of customer service and food safety.

Leadership and Team Management:

  • Led a team of dedicated food and beverage staff, effectively delegating tasks, and ensuring each team member understood their responsibilities and objectives.

  • Provided clear direction and guidance to the team, fostering a positive and motivated work environment that enhanced productivity and job satisfaction.

  • Conducted regular staff training sessions, focusing on customer service, product knowledge, and adherence to food safety protocols, resulting in a well-informed and efficient workforce.

Food Safety and Quality Control:

  • Exhibited a strong commitment to food safety by implementing and enforcing strict hygiene standards, ensuring compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations.

  • Conducted regular inspections and audits of the food preparation and storage areas, identifying potential risks and implementing corrective measures promptly.

  • Collaborated with the kitchen and service teams to monitor food quality, presentation, and consistency, guaranteeing that guests received top-notch dining experiences.

Outlet and Event Management:

  • Managed multiple food and beverage outlets within the park, each with its unique set of challenges and demands. This required effective planning, coordination, and resource allocation to meet customer demands efficiently.

  • Oversaw and orchestrated F&B operations during special events, concerts, and peak seasons, handling the increased volume of customers while maintaining service excellence.

  • Collaborated with the events team to design custom menus and ensure seamless execution, leaving a positive and lasting impression on event attendees.

Customer Satisfaction and Experience:

  • Prioritised guest satisfaction and actively sought feedback to identify areas for improvement and exceed customer expectations.

  • Addressed guest concerns and complaints promptly and professionally, turning potential negative experiences into positive ones.

  • Utilised customer feedback to make data-driven decisions, leading to improvements in service, menu offerings, and overall guest experience.

Budgeting and Inventory Management:

  • Assisted in developing and managing budgets for the food and beverage department, optimising expenditure without compromising on quality.

  • Oversaw inventory control, ensuring adequate stock levels while minimising wastage and maximising profits.

Collaboration and Communication:

  • Maintained open and transparent communication channels with the management team, peers, and subordinates, facilitating efficient coordination and problem-solving.

  • Collaborated with other departments, such as maintenance and marketing, to support cohesive operations and align service offerings with the overall park experience.

My tenure as an F&B Supervisor at Luna Park, Sydney, was characterised by a dedication to excellence, a strong focus on team dynamics, and an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Through effective leadership and hands-on management, I contributed to the success of Luna Park as a top-tier entertainment destination.


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