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Bar & Event Manager

As the Bar & Event Manager at Golden Monkey, a renowned cocktail bar in VIC, I played a pivotal role in maintaining the establishment's reputation for excellence and innovation. In this dynamic position, I took on diverse responsibilities that encompassed both operational and creative aspects of the bar and event management.

  1. Leadership and Team Management: Leading by example, I fostered a positive and productive work environment for the bar staff. Through effective communication and training, I ensured that the team understood and delivered on the high standards of quality and service expected at Golden Monkey. Encouraging creativity and empowering team members, I motivated them to continually improve and provide exceptional experiences to patrons.

  2. Cocktail Development and Innovation: Recognising the importance of keeping the menu fresh and exciting, I spearheaded the cocktail development process. By researching emerging trends and experimenting with various ingredients and techniques, I introduced new and innovative drinks to the menu. This approach not only delighted regular customers but also attracted new clientele seeking unique and memorable experiences.

  3. Event Planning and Execution: One of the highlights of my role was overseeing the successful execution of functions and events held at Golden Monkey. From corporate gatherings to private celebrations, I collaborated closely with clients to understand their preferences and requirements. My expertise in event planning, combined with a meticulous attention to detail, ensured that each event was flawlessly organised and left a lasting impression on guests.

  4. Third-Party Marketing Collaborations: Recognising the importance of strategic partnerships, I actively engaged with third-party marketing companies to promote Golden Monkey's events and offerings. By leveraging their expertise and resources, we maximised the reach and visibility of our events, attracting a broader audience and enhancing the bar's reputation as a premier destination for social gatherings.

  5. Customer Relations and Satisfaction: Ensuring customer satisfaction was at the core of my role. I made it a priority to interact with guests, addressing their feedback and concerns to continually improve the bar's offerings and services. By building strong relationships with regular patrons and first-time visitors alike, I contributed to a loyal customer base that formed the backbone of Golden Monkey's success.

  6. Budgeting and Financial Management: As a responsible manager, I played an active role in budgeting and financial management. I collaborated with the management to set financial targets and efficiently allocated resources to achieve business objectives. My ability to balance creativity and innovation with financial prudence contributed to the bar's overall profitability and sustainable growth.

  7. Compliance and Safety: Adhering to regulatory standards and ensuring a safe environment for staff and guests were of utmost importance. I diligently maintained compliance with all relevant laws and safety protocols, implementing necessary measures to safeguard everyone's well-being during events and regular operations.

In summary, my tenure as the Bar & Event Manager at Golden Monkey was marked by my dedication to maintaining high standards of service, fostering creativity and innovation, and orchestrating successful events that left a lasting impact on our guests. By combining leadership, creativity, and business acumen, I contributed significantly to the bar's success and reputation as a premier cocktail destination in VIC.


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